Memorial Wound Care and Limb Preservation Clinic

Memorial Wound Care and Limb Preservation Clinic

Wounds are a significant health problem in the United States.

Clinics specializing in wound care have shown a high success rate in wound healing. Our wound care clinic provides a convenient location with a multispeciality approach to wound care.

Types of wounds

The most common causes of wounds include venous stasis ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and arterial ulcers. Other causes may include rheumatolic, vasculitis, lupus, trauma, lymphedema, cancer, radiation, or a combination of the above.

Diabetic ulcers

Diabetic ulcers often occur due to low blood flow and nerve damage in the legs and feet. Treatment options depend on the location of the wound, underlying cause, and severity of infection.

Venous stasis ulcers

Venous disease such as varicose veins or abnormal veins can often lead to skin damage and skin changes in the lower leg. Pain is often the first system, but this can progress to hair loss, skin pigmentation, and eventually ulceration.

Our team

Our wound care specialists will evaluate you for the type of ulcer you have and treat you with the best possible techniques. These professionals are specially trained in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of chronic wounds.